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10 Motivational Videos to Champion Your Potential

Motivation is generally defined as the desire or willingness to do something. We know that it is easier to think and have a desire for something then it is to stay focused on the execution of the tasks necessary to make the something we desire an actual reality. Maintaining our motivation over the long haul of any change process requires that we get creative in keeping ourselves amped up along the journey.

Personally, one of the strategies that I use to help me strengthen my desire, inner-drive and focus is watching motivational videos on various topics. As we prepare to position ourselves to make this year better than the last, I wanted to share with you some of the motivational videos that inspire me to champion my potential for the long-term.

At the end of this year, our ability to achieve the desired goals we have established for the next twelve months depends on many things, one of which is our ability to remain motivated towards our goals in the face of failure, missteps, detours and roadblocks. It’s easy to stay motivated when everything is going our way. It’s much more difficult to do so in the face of obstacles. Yet, it is doable.

As you view the following videos, you will notice common themes, one of which is ALL highly successful people learn how to dig deep within the treasure of their potential to tap into a greater measure of the strength within their spirit to master the mindset and behaviors necessary to bounce back from inevitable setbacks to achieve there desired goals.

My intention for this post is to provide you with playlist of motivational videos that you can refer back to often throughout your journey to champion your potential so that you ALWAYS remember the compelling WHY you started on the journey towards a particular goal in the first place. And if along the journey you recognize that the goal you initially desired is no longer the experience you want most, it is my hope that these videos inspire you with the courage to make a U-turn and pursue that which will be more meaningful to you.

Believe In Yourself




How Bad Do You Want It

Silencing the Critics

Hard Times

 No Fear

Becoming Better than Yesterday

The Greatness Within

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy!

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My Three Words for 2015

Last year, I read Chris Brogan’s post here which shared a practice he’s been doing since 2006 to achieve his goals versus the normal ritual of setting resolutions. I found that the practice helps me keep the “big picture” in mind as I make decisions, see, seize and create opportunities that increase the likelihood I would experience more of what I desire in the New Year.

I started the practice last year. I shared it at a presentation and on my blog and I was amazed at how it resonated with so many people. Last year, my three words were align, design and deliver. I wrote in my post 4 Keys to Unleashing Your Greatness, “I know from my experience that if I align my thoughts and behavior with my desired outcomes for this year, I will design a strategic plan for accomplishing my goals that increase my capacity to deliver results that can make 2014 my best year yet. If I get off track… my three words align, design and deliver would do double duty as my compass to get me back on track.

My Three Words for 2015

Flow. I will concentrate my energy and attention towards growing my brand and business in ways that is authentic to who I am. I will schedule what’s most important to growing my business by looking at the end goals for the year and breaking them down on a quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis. I will say NO to experiences that are not directly related to any of my personal and business goals for this year, so that I am able to say YES to those opportunities that are aligned with my desired experiences.

Expand. I have scheduled specific training during each quarter of the year for the purpose of developing and sharpening my skills as a life coach and online entrepreneur so that I can expand my business. As a result of moving my blog to the Rainmaker Platform during the first quarter of 2015, I will have access to all the critical metrics for managing an online business on one dashboard which for my personality and business experience works best for me versus using several different tools from different companies. Seeing real-time accurate measurements on a daily basis will help me to monitor and make course corrections to achieve weekly, monthly and quarterly business goals. In my personal life, I will expand my community service through the launch of the Elevate Dreamers Academy. And I’ve put nourishing my soul on the calendar by attending my first retreat in the fall.

Serve. I have the heart of a servant-leader. I understand that my business purpose is to design products and services that help solve problems, produce results and meet the emotional needs of those I serve. By creating a schedule of off line and online group training and coaching programs which I will produce (in the some cases with the help and support of the talents of others), I have the opportunity to provide high quality content, training and products on a consistent basis which will help me increase my influence of enhancing the well-being of my targeted market and audience.

So, what are your three words for 2015? Share them in the comments below, on your website, social media sites, with your friends and family. Use them to monitor your decisions and progress throughout the year.

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I’d like to know what you think of Chris Brogan’s “Three Words” practice. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Champion for Your Success,

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My Year End Review of 2014

I started 2014 with great anticipation as I planned to build upon what was working in 2013. I presented 4 Keys to Stepping Into Your Leadership Greatness in January to a very engaged crowd of women and two men at the WOW event. A few weeks later, I began my FREE Lead to Succeed Seminar Series which took place each Monday during February. I conducted the series as a way of paying forward all the support that I’ve received and continue to receive from others.

My daughter, Dee was on her way to the first seminar when she was in a car accident resulting in her car being totaled. Fortunately, she was able to walk away from the accident with her life and a few bruises.

A Major Loss
During the month of February, our family was faced with the unexpected loss of my nephew Davon Capers. His death was like a sucker punch to the gut of our family. We are all still processing the grief that comes from such a loss. I ask that you say a special prayer for my brother, Laronzo, his wife, Charlene, my niece, Cherelle and my nephew Byron. As well as for the young man on trial for the murder of my nephew and his family. Many lives have been forever changed as a result of this tragedy.

I completed the Lead to Succeed Seminar Series, however, my plans of conducting two other seminar series in the spring and summer never came to fruition.

Shifting Into Another Gear after Disappointment
My biggest disappointment came after spending the end of 2013 and much of the first seven months of 2014 planning and organizing the 1st Annual Elevate Dreamers Academy summer camp that was to take place in August, only to find out weeks before the start date that the space that I’d reserved had been double-booked. You can read about it here.

This experience served as the catalyst for shifting me into another gear. I was very upset over this situation for several weeks and then I shifted my focus when I realized it provided me with a knowing that I have to do more to make sure the Elevate Dreamers Academy launches in 2015. It’s not enough for me to believe that it will have a positive impact on the lives of people or have a strong desire to make it happen, I must do what it takes for me to have the funds necessary to make it a reality. Period.

A Very Proud Moment
I was able to complete and deliver my book, Get Unstuck Now which is available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and numerous other online distribution sites. Yes, the writing of the book felt similar to giving birth to my children. The nine and half months that it took for me to remain dedicated to writing, re-writing, editing and editing and after publishing it, editing some more has been a labor of love. This has become one of the most proudest moments of my life. These months do not reflect the total time I spent researching, writing several outlines and tossing them for the present flow of the book.

When You Teach What You Know…This Happens
After publishing the book, I had a hunch to conduct an eight-week Get Unstuck Now Case Study Program It began in August and ended in October. It’s one thing to write a book about your experiences and the journey of transformation that’s happened in your life as a result of various practices and strategies, it’s something more profound when you share that knowledge face to face with others and be able to walk with them as they begin a similar journey and see how the information resonates within them and what they do with it to bring about positive change in their lives. 

Saying YES to the unction in my spirit to complete this program has yielded me with so much more understanding of the challenges individuals face when they are stuck and why specific approaches to the information yields better results than others. The information from this case-study will be very helpful with the launch of the online course for the book. Because the book is part of a series, I’m looking forward to conducting similar case-studies in the future for the remaining books in the series.

Every Small Step Forward Matters
At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the year, I’ve had the opportunity to have many of my articles published on various online sites. Doing so enabled me to gain more exposure online and served to increase traffic to my blog and convert readers into subscribers of my blog.

Personally, I realized that I have to be diligent towards my spiritual practices even more so than ever if I’m going to I forge ahead with the courage and confidence necessary to actualize the vision and mission for my online business and the Elevate Dreamers Academy. I know that I know when I’m strong from the inside-out my level of clarity, decisiveness and perseverance anchors me in the midst of challenges and allows me to tap into a greater measure of the strength in my spirit to keep moving forward, in spite of circumstances. I also know the opposite occurs when I’m not diligent with my spiritual practices.

I've been able to connect with some great people at a few networking and community events in my local area and online. I’m looking forward to seeing how several of these relationships will blossom into friendships and joint ventures.

The 30-Day Feeling Grateful Blog Series I conducted during the month of November was the most successful series on my blog so far. I can’t express how the participation and engagement of the posts on various social media sites that I received seemed to have ignited my passion to the next level regarding the possibilities for my blog and the building of a successful online business. This series is already on my editorial calendar for 2015.

Vision, Growth, Family and Faith
During the latter part of October and the entire month of November, I was enrolled in various online training that I believed and is now certain is crucial to the achievement of the goals I have for my online business platform.

Ending the year on a high note of gratitude increased my appreciation for everything that has occurred in 2014. I’m grateful for new relationships I’m developing as a result of some of the training that I invested in, the possibility of joint venture opportunities with several people I’ve known and/or worked with during the last 2 years.

I’m excited about my summer book tour and the people that I get to share details of my book, Get Unstuck Now and how changing our limiting stories literally can change the trajectory of our lives for the better

I’m thankful that I’m in pretty good health and not in need of any basic life necessitates, my daughter Dee is happy, in love and the Assistant Manager at Upscale Barber and Beauty Salon in Columbia, SC. I welcome the move of my blog to the Rainmaker Platform and conducting the group coaching presentations, including the seminar series I didn’t get to in 2014.

I’m glad to be alive and witness the evolution of my family as my daughter, my nieces and nephews make strides to elevate our family to the next level. Most of my family is doing quite well which pleases my heart. This year marks the 20th anniversary of my son’s death and the 40th anniversary of my mother’s death. I have dedicated 2015 to them with the goal that if they were both alive at the end of the year they would say, “Well done.”

Last but certainly not least, I’m compelled by the knowledge that God’s love never fails, never gives up and never runs out on any of us, as a result of this belief,  I’m comforted by an inner assurance that whatever this year brings and wherever my steps lead me, God is there and his grace as it has been throughout my life will be sufficient.

Be Intentional. Make 2015 AWESOME…just like you.

Champion for Your Success

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Why Changing Your Story Activates Your Potential to Achieve Your Goals

As we embark on another New Year, many of us have established goals that we want to accomplish in the next twelve months. These goals range from losing weight, being happier, saving money, making more money, starting a business, positioning our businesses for greater growth, going after a promotion, doing work that we’re passionate about, spending more time with family and friends, stop smoking, unplugging from technology, accepting and loving ourselves, giving back to our communities to working harder and making every attempt to not screw up this year. There is no doubt that the achievement of any of these goals would greatly improve the quality of our lives.

A Recent Study on New Year Resolutions
According to the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 8 percent of people are successful in the achievement of their New Year’s resolutions (goals). Now, if I hadn't developed the mindset to know that this study is only a reflection of the people who participated in it, therefore a truth of their reality and not mine or yours, it could easily impress you and me to think and believe that there is no hope for us to take action towards improving our lives.

How Our Models of Reality Shape Our Lives
The truth is, each of us are operating in this world based on our own Models of Reality. Our Models of Reality reflect the beliefs, opinions, perceptions and assumptions that we have been conditioned to believe in order to make sense of the world. In other words, our Models of Reality reflects the story that we are telling ourselves at each moment about ourselves and experiences. It creates the lens by which we perceive ourselves, other people and experiences.
Because of social conditioning from the moment we were born, many of us reached adulthood believing what we were told by those in authority over us as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And the truth is, in many cases, some or all of what we were told and conditioned to believe about ourselves and life reflected the limiting beliefs of those who had authority over our lives.
Therefore, the story that we tell ourselves about who we are, what we are smart and strong enough to handle and what we’re worthy of experiencing in life often requires constant revisions in order for us to champion the fullness of our potential and live a life that inspires the best in us.
This is not to say that everything we believe has to be challenged. On the contrary, when our core beliefs inspire, encourage and empower us to grow and contribute in ways that add to our well-being then we should build upon these beliefs. It is the limiting beliefs that discourage and disconnect us from our personal power and freedom of choice we need to demonstrate a concentrated focus and energy toward transforming to achieve the goals we desire to accomplish.

What You Think About Yourself Matters
Why is this important? Because we never rise above the way we see ourselves. Nor will we pursue experiences necessary for the accomplishment of our goals if we don’t believe we are worthy of the goal. We may succeed at accomplishing an awesome goal only to sabotage ourselves because of limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves. Have you ever had this experience? I sure have. And as a result my courage and confidence diminished toward getting back up after the setback.
Fortunately, many decades ago, I began a journey that would lead me to the understanding that I've come to about how the stories we tell ourselves either empower or disempower us. In my latest book, Get Unstuck Now: Changing Your StoryUnleashes Your Power to Move On and Be Happy I share several personal experiences that forced me to raise my awareness of how the scripts playing in my mind were creating the limitations in my life, not my circumstances. Life challenged me to accept living below my potential or transform my thinking. I chose to transform my mindset and as a result began to do the work required to put a greater demand on the seeds of greatness in my potential. This shift in my thinking and the story that I was telling myself about what was possible in my life, despite my mistakes and imperfections, led me to change the trajectory of my life, the life of my children and achieve award-winning business leadership success.

Life Hits Me with a Sucker Punch
Six months after my first GM’s promotion, my life was forever changed as a result of the unexpected death of my fourteen-year old son, Blease on August 22, 1995. He died from cardiac arrest. My son’s death ushered me into a mental and emotional hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. For three years after his death, I continued to tell myself the following stories, “I’m not strong enough to handle the truth of my feelings about Blease’s death.” “The death of my son is going to lead to my demise, after all, my mother only lived nine-months after my brother Arthur was murdered.” In my 13 year-old mind, I’d attributed my brother’s death as the cause of my mother’s death. I believed at the time that it was too much for a mother’s heart to bear. Thus, the death of a child became my greatest fear. The stories that I began to tell myself after my son’s death reflected this fear stored in my sub-conscious. In other words, my 13 year-old mindset was dictating my response to my son’s death. I was 33 years-old at the time of my son’s death.
I made every attempt to resist the truth of my feelings which only led to major health issues, creating a wedge in my relationship with my daughter, Dee and my feelings of powerlessness. In spite of the success I was achieving as a GM of Marriott’s Fairfield Inn in Wilmington, NC, my “strong, black woman” social mask began to crack under the pressure of resisting my truth. When I resigned from Marriott, I made healing my heart wound my #1 priority. I no longer wanted to live my life in a state of quiet desperation. I no longer wanted to suffer in silence. I decided being angry with God had served no good purpose. I prayed to God to show me how to help myself.
My prayer was answered a few weeks later on October 12, 1998 when I saw Jo Ann Compton on Oprah. Jo Ann shared her emotional anguish over the death of her daughter in front of millions of viewers. My heart went out to her. I understood her pain.
Dr. Phil was a guest on the show that day and he challenged Jo Ann to focus on the 18 years her daughter had lived instead of focusing all of her focus and energy on the day she died. I had an Aha-moment. I’d been so focused on my son’s death that his beautiful life was in some ways being devalued by my response to his death.
On this day, I sensed a glimmer of hope in my soul. I didn't know exactly the specific actions I would take to heal my heart wound, I just knew deep within me that with God’s guidance and my burning desire to rise above my pain I would somehow figure it out.

The Answer to Our Challenges is Often within Us
During the period of time after my son’s death and before seeing Jo Ann Compton on Oprah, I started to identify with the disempowering stories that I was telling myself about my inability to move beyond the emotional pain I was feeling from the loss of my son. Identifying with disempowering stories about ourselves and experiences disconnect us from our intuitive wisdom and personal power. I say that because I had the answer to rising above this circumstance deep within me as a result of overcoming my mother’s death when I was thirteen.

A Proven System for Happiness and Success
Without concern for managing a million dollar plus business, I began to practice mindfulness meditation which allowed me to “tune-in” to what I already knew. This practice enabled me to become conscious of actions I’d taken over the course of my life since my mother’s death to overcome adversity, rise above daunting odds to create my award-winning career success and develop the grit it takes to challenge self-imposed limitations.
These steps, which I’ve termed the My DRIVE Advantage™ empowered me to heal my heart wound and reclaim my power. I share the inside-out framework of proactive steps with the belief and intention that they can serve as a guide for helping you develop the mindset and behavioral habits crucial to the achievement of your goals.

The My DRIVE Advantage™ reflects a system of actions that when consistently executed over time will empower you to identify internal blocks and resistance to the happiness and success you desire. The first two steps help you achieve private victories while the last three steps help you develop effective strategies for producing results key to the accomplishment of your goals.
Today, it serves as the framework from which I help individual and group coaching clients identify and overcome internal barriers while developing a strategic plan that champion the strengths and smarts already dwelling within them to focus on effective actions toward the manifestation of new possibilities in their lives.

For more detail information on how to use this framework to overcome limiting beliefs, transform your story, move confidently and courageously towards the goals you’ve established for yourself, read my latest book, Get Unstuck Now or contact me for a FREE 30 minute Activate Your Potential Consultation @jackiecapersbrown@gmail.com regarding my individual coaching program.

Champion for Your Success

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15 Inspirational Image Quotes on Moving Forward In Life

In the first quarter of 2015, I will be moving the Grow Forward & Flourish community to the Rainmaker Platform. The blog will be a part of my new website: jackiecapersbrown.com. 

I'm excited about having the tools and platform to support the vision that I have for equipping more people with insights, strategies and tools that empower them to hold themselves in a higher light and become the best version of themselves.

I would love to receive your feedback about your personal development needs. Completing this 10-minute survey will help me in the development of the new site. Click here for survey. I would appreciate your help in this matter. I really want the new site to be a collaborative creation.

Thanks for reading and sharing posts with your network. Your efforts are helping to build our community of like-minded folks who earnest desire is to express the fullness of their uniqueness in ways that blesses their lives and the lives of others. I am humbled by your presence and continuous support.

Champion for Your Success

Note: For more practical advice that's fresh, relevant and speaks to the common challenges faced by most of us when we strive to move forward in life, read my latest book, Get Unstuck Now. Click here for details about it.

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TOP 10 TED Talks for Inspiring the Best in You

I believe it is necessary for our well-being to immerse ourselves in diverse environments, around different people with different perspectives about various areas of life in order to be a well-rounded and fully actualize human beings. 

In my recent case-study work with various groups to help participants get unstuck and move forward in life, one of the key components that stands out in my mind as a defining characteristic of those who took effective action towards creating positive change and those that were more resistant to my suggestions and wisdom gained from my plethora of life experiences and research on the topic was this: the individuals who were open to different perspectives on the stories that they were telling themselves about themselves and the emotional meanings they had attached to various experiences in their lives were able to create and maintain momentum towards moving forward in their lives during and after their group ended while those who were less open to different perspectives, in several cases, returned to the "familiar" state of mind and behavior which keeps them stuck.

This insight from these various groups emulates what I found to be true in my own life. Periods in which I believed and assumed that “my way” of thinking was “the” way to perceive a particular situation or experience often resulted in me remaining stuck until I began to seek out different perspectives on the situation and experience. Whereas during periods in my life when I was constantly immersing myself with various perspectives about different aspects of my life and experiences, I was able to expand my awareness, understanding and capacity to be more, do more and experience more of what I truly desired. 

Because of my experiences and continuous research on the power of story on our lives, this has now become a central focus of my speaking, mentoring and coaching activities. I believe that everyone can live a life that inspires the best in them. Central to this achievement is the transforming our story. It is our inner-map that shapes our beliefs, identity, decisions, experiences and quality of life.

I have chosen to share these particular TED Talks because of the diversity of perspectives presented by each speaker. I recommend that you save this article and share this article with those closest to you so that each of you can refer back to it for inspiration, motivation and empowerment as you move forward towards living a life that inspires the best in YOU!

"Nature. Beauty. Gratitude." A spectacular presentation of the wonder of nature and gratitude through the lens of Louie Schwartzberg.

Actress Thandie Newton discusses the importance of "embracing otherness to find ourselves."

 Sheena Iyenger discusses "the art of choosing."

Kathryn Schulz discusses "on being wrong.

Brene Brown discusses "the power of vulnerability."

Janet Echelman discusses "taking creativity seriously."

Sarah Lewis discusses "embrace the near wins."

Kelly McGonigal discusses "how to make stress your friend."

Andy Puddicombe discusses "all it takes is 10 mindful minutes."

Matt Cutts discusses "try something new for 30 days".

Did you like this article? Share your comments about these and other TED talks that inspire the best in you below in the comments. Share this article with your network and help inspire the best in others.

Champion for Your Success

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The #1 Way to Build Sales, Improve Customer Service and Grow Your Business

What kind of magic do you think the Walt Disney Company uses to keep its large and sprawling staff of smiling, friendly and competent workers all on the same page? Disney learned quickly that internal employee and leadership development was crucial to the company's success.

Employee Development is Key to Business Growth
Leadership expert Robin Sharma states, “The competitive advantage of your business will be your ability to grow leaders without titles faster than your industry peers.” He goes on to say, “The quickest way to grow the sales of your business is to grow your people.” Even if you’re a one person business operation, as I am, it’s important that you continue to sharpen your saw to increase your capacity to upgrade the value and service that you provide to your customers.  Sustainable success in business requires a commitment to continuous improvement at all levels within the organization. One must remain hungry for being the best at what you do, regardless of the size of your enterprise. I believe as a small business leader/owner personal development is a critical factor in building and maintaining a successful business. Investing in yourself, increases your capacity to deliver more value in your particular market, improves your customer satisfaction which often leads to word of mouth referrals and an increase of revenue. 
     One of the most common ways businesses lose promising employees is to think that because they have no promotional opportunities available, there’s no need for staff development. When employees begin to feel that their opportunities for growth are limited, those that have great expectations of themselves and what they can accomplish will eventually get frustrated, disengage and resign themselves to doing just enough to get by until they find a work environment that provides them with the opportunities to learn and grow within the company.     
     According to Paul Sarvadi, the “Human Resources” coach at Entrepreneur.com,“In today's economy, if your business isn't learning, then you're going to fall behind. And a business learns as its people learn. Your employees are the one that produce, refine, protect, deliver and manage your products or services every day, year in, year out. With the rapid pace and international reach of the 21st century marketplace, continual learning is critical to your business's continued success.”

Employee Development Builds Loyalty and Increases Engagement
Your employees want to be developed whether you have a promotional opportunity for them or not. They want to feel they are valued and that they can contribute to the success of your organization. When business leaders make a commitment to developing the seeds of greatness dwelling in their employees, their efforts motivate and boost the level of camaraderie in work groups which stimulates creativity and a results-oriented mindset. Do you have any idea of your employees' dreams and professional aspirations?
     Our knowledge-service based economy is increasingly demanding that organizations engage the smarts of their workforce to remain competitive. Business leaders who are attune to this fact take a proactive approach towards cultivating smart thinking and smart behavioral habits among their workforce. By equipping their workforce with working knowledge that enhances their smarts they are better able to manage challenges and achieve the business objectives. What steps are you taking on a consistent basis to develop and engage the smarts of employees at every level in your organization? 

Employee Development Influences a Business Culture
Leaders that are multipliers recognize how the collective habits of their workforce play a critical role in the organization's ability to execute strategies and achieve operational excellence and business success. The collective thinking and behavioral habits of a workforce establishes the culture of a workplace environment and whether excellence or mediocrity becomes its norm. Does your workplace environment reflect a culture of excellence or mediocrity? 

Leaders that Build Winning Teams...Do This
Business leaders who are able to achieve and maintain operational excellence and business success understand the importance of engaging the reservoir of potential dwelling within their workforce. Their efforts to enhance the smarts of their workforce increases the probability that staff members will feel more respected and valued. As a result, more of them are willing to contribute a greater measure of discretionary effort which is most often necessary to accomplish business goals and objectives. Your staff doesn't care as much about what you know until you show them how much you care about them. Do your staff feel that you care about the challenges they're facing on and off the job?
     Developing the leadership capacity of your employees at all levels in your organization demonstrates that you care enough to invest in their potential. Developing the leadership capacity of your workforce displays your commitment to helping them be better and do better at work and in life. When employees believe and feel that their employer cares about their well-being enough to invest in them, they are more apt to be loyal to their manager and display a greater measure of discretionary effort towards the achievement of the organization's goals and objectives. This is a win-win for everyone.

I'd like to know your thoughts. How important is it for the growth of a business to have a strategic plan in place to develop its employees? Share your comments below.

Did you like this post? If so, please share it with your network.

Champion for Your Success


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